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Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Wireless Sport Headphones with Microphone (Ergonomic-Designed Ear Hooks, Sweatproof, Soft Silicone Gel Surface, In-Ear Ear Buds) Offered by Sunvalleytek



I love headphones especially Bluetooth ones, I like that they don’t have a cord that gets tangled up. So when when taotronics asked me to review the behind the neck bluetooth headphones I was ecstatic. The typical bluetooth headphones usually have earbuds that don’t fit my little ears. I like the green and black color. Color usually doesn’t matter to me but let me get to the point with this review.

When searching for headphones I looked for many aspects. I like clarity, loudness cuz I am deaf or hard of hearing. I like how comfortable they were behind my neck it was like they weren’t even there. When I do my jogging or exercising stayed in place in my ear. I didn’t have to worry about them falling out they are one of the most comfortable headphones I have owned. When I play my music the clarity of the songs and the voices are perfect, I haven’t had any problems with them. Before I used them, I charge them for eight hours so that when they had a full charge so that way I can have a better review for them. It takes time for me to review any kind of electronics because I like to know all the aspects how long it takes for a full charge the clarity of music, the clarity of making and receiving phone calls. There is one, con I did have with the phone call. The con I had was that it was hard for me to hear the other person. I still haven’t figured out how to get the clarity of the phone call to speak to them because I am hard of hearing and deaf in my right ear. But, I am Not sure if it’s my hearing issues that cause me not to be able to hear the conversation or talking to the person on the phone. But, I am unbiased and because of the fact that I am honest and just because I had an issue with the phone calls does not mean everybody else will. The issue could be because of my hearing disorder so that is why I will not put this product down. They are great set of headphones, they could be great for anyone. But, this is how I feel about the headset this is a complete five star review because I was clearly with honesty, I took time to review it, and with major disability I have, I will not put these down.

Disclaimer : I received these free in exchange for an honest unbiased review. And review them at all aspects.


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