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Bluetooth Speakers, SoundPal F2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Compatible with all Bluetooth Devices (Black F2)

I am a bluetooth junkie, I carry one in each room including my car. I like the larger speakers like these due to you get a nice clear music, and when you speak to someone it is incredible. Compared to the bluetooth donut I own and the Bluetooth waterproof speakers. I am going to mention what makes this speaker so powerful and why I love it!!

1. Of course its Bluetooth wireless.

2. Dynamic Deep Bass/ Crystal Clear sound.

3. Built in hands free mic so I can talk to my friends and family while I am working, cleaning and taking care of my husband and children.

4. I am charging mine for 24 hours, but I wanted to see how well it sounded before charging it, so I can get a idea for this review. But you can have up to 10 hours of playtime with it. After the 24 hours the crystal clear music was amazing I had it in my room and could hear it on the other side of the house.

5. It comes with the 5V usb charging cord to connect it to a usb charging station. Which I have plenty of them so that isn’t a issue with that.

6. This device comes with the Aux input cord , which you can hook it up to you surround system receiver to make it louder or you can hook it up to a pair of head phones that connect with the Aux input cord.

I received this at a discount rate for this honest non biased review!!


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