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Canbor Wireless Bluetooth Headset Headphones Noise Cancelling Headphones W/microphone [ Sports / Running / Gym / Exercise/ Sweatproof ] Wireless Stereo

I have owned so many headphones, I have to say the way technology is coming, I hate having wired headphones, I like them wireless, there are many reasons why,
1. I have a 1 year old when I do use regular headphones plugged in , she tends to rip them out of my ears or pull the phones out of my phone or computer. Well I now have a new laptop that is built in Bluetooth in it, my cellphone is built in bluetooth, everything I have is now basically bluetooth. So, when I got the chance and chosen to review the Canbor Wireless Bluetooth Headset . I wasn’t thinking well just another pair to add to my collection, I was thinking what can these offer me what my others can’t.

First I have to admire the headset itself, The vibrant blue with silver metallic top casing durable cord is amazing, I like this because the typical headphones I have they are black in color so having a blue pair, makes it very easy to find if I ever loose them!

The next part I love about them are the ear bud part , unlike the typical in ear buds these ones as you can see in the picture and video have a shape that fits to your ear, The head set comes with a set of the circle ear bud part to find one that will fit properly in your ear, so you don’t have the issue of these are too big, or to small. These also include the round circle (hard to describe) part that helps the buds stay inside your ear. Due to some people have wider or longer ears trying to find a set can be hard, but in this case with these , there is a option for anything.

The sound quality with these are amazing,( That is my personal opinion, due to the fact that 1. My cell is the Samsung Galaxy note 2 edition so the music it much more stronger than typical phones. Cell phone talking is more clearer you can hear the other person better, and the fact that they don’t take up so much room they come in a little satin bag. I can’t say these are the best pair I have owned cause I feel that each pair I have there is something it offers that the others can’t.

I have small ears and the fact that it came with a set of add on buds and a ear piece that attaches to the headset makes me happy. I do feel that I own a lot of headsets cause I have many devices that I use them with. I have a set for my laptop, desktop, tablet , cellphone, and I dont use the same pair for all those. I like having my separate set for each device. I think I have OCD regarding my electronics as they all have a special place they have to be in order and I keep a list of what I have, and if they are not in the place I put them in I am not happy. I love electronics its not only a passion, but I can’t live without them. It’s something that keeps me busy. Also, my major passion is reviewing products. There are always pros and cons for instance with this pair of headphones it took about 1 to 2 hours for to fully charge. I tend to charge them all night while I am asleep so that way I know they wont surprise me and die  when pairing to a device it sometimes takes a few tries to pair it to the device. Which can be frustrating, but that is with any Bluetooth pairing process. But this is different for everyone. My personal opinion and its non biased. If they ended up not working for me I would state a con for the reasons which I stated what could be a con but wasn’t but it could work for someone else if that was the case.

Disclaimer: Thank you for the chance to review the Canbor Wireless Bluetooth Headset at a discount price


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