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Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter


This device is ment for bluetooth mp3 player equipped cars that has the decoder chip, If your cell phone has bluetooth you can connect it to this device and the music will come out of the car speakers. Also,you can make and take phone calls with the push of the dial to answer. To start plug this device into the cigarette lighter, it will turn on automatically. What is nice about this when it is on , it will measure the voltage of the car battery and monitor it at any time. When it is connected to the phone the music will play automatically. It also has a place where you can put a TF flash drive with all your favorite songs, so you just dont have to use the radio stations you can use the flash drive, or if your connected with your phone and you have amazon prime, you can use the amazon prime music app, music on your phone or even Pandora.

To get it started after you plugged it in , it will automatically power on, you can turn the radio to any frequency. When you select a station on the device itself you will want to change the car radio station to the same channel for it to work. To turn the volume up and down turn the dial it will work for the volume. The channel up and down changes the frequency channel. The arrows pointing to eachother is to select your favorite song. This device comes with the Aux cord. For instance if you want to listen to your headphones, as I have a pair of beats headphones that you plug a aux cord into the head set and plug it into a device you can plug it into the transmitter and listen through there if you are a passenger or backseat passenger. I really like this device , as I cannot say anything bad about this product.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchange for a honest unbiased review


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