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Donner DM-1 Lapel Microphone Mini Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Mic (Electronics)

I have been looking for a microphone to plug into my computer to help with my video reviews. When I saw this at the price of 5.99 I figured this may be just what I am looking for, I went to test it on a video I was doing. Turns out I was very disappointed. I couldn’t hear what I was saying. I , I then tried to plug it in my Samsung phone and was able to record on that but even with my volume being all the way turned up it still sounded very muffled. I am looking for a better microphone that is within budget to use for my video blogging. I just haven’t been able to find one yet. I did look at the reviews before purchasing this Mic, and some people said it should work with a pc, but after trying this out. It will not work with a pc. I have to say I am unhappy with this product.


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