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Fantime Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, Mini True wireless Headphones Sport V4.2 with Portable Charger Hi-Fi Stereo Invisible Headset Mic for iPhone X 8, 7, 6S, Samsung Galaxy and Android

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I had the opportunity to review this cute little ear buds. The instructions were very easy to follow to charge.

To start off you would want to charge the box for a few hours first because the ear buds wont charge at the same time as the charger box. so once the box is charged un plug it then place the buds inside the box and let them charge for about 2 hours.

To pair the buds make sure your bluetooth is on your device. The buds each have a small button you need to hold to pair each bud themselve which is a down fall having to pair eachone individually.

I love how crisp clear the sound is, the bass is nice tone. I was playing music on my phone with them and my phone rang. I had to answer the call with the phone but was able to talk to the person with the buds in my ear. The other person was able to hear me with out any issues.

I am very pleased with this product and was happy to be able to review them. I wrote the review with my personal experiences and the seller was very nice to work with. If you want to purchase these ear buds follow the link below.


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