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Feel good with NEW Rechargeable E02+ (Upgrade) Black, Pink & Green Bluetooth Bracelet set. Smart Pedometer, Sport Waterproof Fitness Tracker Wristband. Facebook & Twitter. iPhone & Android. Best Buy

This is such a unique sports bracelet, it does just about everything. The instructions are pretty simple, you have a choice to go to the App store and download the power sensor, or if you have the OQ code you can scan it and it will bring you to the app to install it quickly.

This is really cool, it shows the time, date, your can transfer data, You can enter into the bracelet mode a multi exercise mode. It records jumping jacks, jump ropes. You can click the start and when you are done you click the stop and it will tell you how many you did which is
very accurate.

If you press the bracelet button for a long 3 seconds to boot it up, you have many choices to choose from: Date, meter, distance and calories.

This is the awesome part of the device function is this : press the button for 3 seconds and this function will turn on the sleep switch, remote music, camera remote. If you lost your phone you can set it up to the phone finder switch option. If you don’t want to keep hearing sounds you can switch it to vibrations switch. This button also turns the device off, resets it back to time interface.

This device is all bluetooth android 4.3 and above. But all you have to do to turn it on, press a long 3 seconds.

To get to the music option press the play button and their is arrows to go back to a song before, or if you want to skip to the next song click the arrow forward.

When you comes to the camera mode, there is a camera option, looks like a camera to enter that press again another long 3 seconds and it will take you to the home page remote camera. What you will want to do is is click there are many parts to this like the underpart button, then to switch to video remote interface. You can chose these options from the bracelet camera icon to enter and begin the video remote. To let you know you are in the video remote it will tell you the show time to the end time after the the video is done recording.

After you use either the QR code or the steps to the google play to install, it will let you register there if you haven’t already.
Once completed and its bluetooth is hooked it up to your phone and you can not find your phone once again on the bracelet there is a icon that shows what looks like a phone with a circle attached to it. Hold the button for 3 seconds and your phone will ring and that will help you find
The power Icon is to turn your phone on and off. There is a icon that looks like a complete circle but has a arrow at the tip and that option is to reset the device.

There is also a few other features I can list, that seems really cool.

1. Call reminding
2.Sport tracking
3.Sleep monitoring
4. Flip of the wrist wakes up the device if it is turned on.
5. Alarm Clock
6. Antilost, Move and task alerts.

Mine came with a Black,Pink,Green

I love the 12/24 hour system, date and week display. Also SMS, wechat notifications (only on supported Android devices).

I love the device , I will be willing to purchase for friends and family. This is exactly the same as the Black,Blue and Orange one. I see this set is more for a female and the other set for a male. But its cool for a his and her set. This is brilliantly made and fantastic to have on the go at all times.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest unbiased truthful review


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