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HDDT2BS Dual Bay USB 3.0 Super Speed Review.



I love electronics of all kinds, I have a degree in computers, I love technology for my children. Since becoming a mother for the 3rd time to a baby who is almost 1 she loves computers, in fact she knows how to play games on my tablet, and she loves my husbands phone and she knows how to get into his music on it. So, your asking what does this have to do with my review. Well I am 30 years old and for my 21st birthday my grandfather bought me a 500gb external hard drive. Reason being is I download a lot, and I save tons of pictures from when I was a teenager up until my children and and niece are hitting 9 and 8 years old. So with my computers I run out of space and plus if my computer crashes then I have a external to back up. But recently my external went I wasnt sure if it was the ports on the external or if it was the SATA drive. So, when I had the opportunity to review the HDD2BS dual bay usb drive.

There are so many great things to say about this drive. One thing I do have to warn you is that if your going to put your SATA hard drive in the bay and hook it up to the computer it will ask to format which will erase everything, The is a clone button if you choose not to hook it up to your computer, What is that exactly, well lets say you bought a bigger drive and you want to copy what is on your old drive to the new one, you place the main drive in the first base and then the drive you want to copy to into the second. You then will make sure the power button is on!, Then make sure the switch on the back says clone not PC. Once its on clone you will click the start button and it will copy from one drive to another, which is faster and more simpler then having to back up the drives program by program.

Now what I love most is when I did a little testing I did find that the external hard drive ports were bad cause when I hooked up my hard drive into the base as you can see in the video posted above it recognized it right away. I am glad that a hard didn’t go to waste and if I have a friend that has a lot of games, or movies we can easily clone them without having to use too many dvds.

Thank you for letting me review this for free for my unbiased review.


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