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Hoo Too 4-port charging station with OTG



I am reviewing the Hoo too 4 port charging station with OTG. I absolutely am in love with this device, As I am constantly on the road back and forth to businesses and Dr’s and so forth. This comes in handy in all ways possible. In fact My husband, my 2 children and I all have Tablets , and My husband and I have smartphones and when we are on long drives our batteries run out quickly. So, when I had the chance to review this product I was shocked and amazed it had enough ports for all of our tablets and cellphones. It didn’t waste our battery in our vehicle as long as we shut off our port that plugs into our cigarette port. But knowing that charging all these devices didn’t drag the car battery while we were on the road, Plus the knowledge that testing it first before going for the long car rides. Also, the charging of the devices did not take as long as we thought, depending on how low the battery is I give or take on a cell phone the minimum of 30 minuter to the longest about a hour and a half, Tablets were a little longer due to the battery type and processor. The minimum of a tablet was about a hour and the longest it took was 2 hours. I was in love like I said, this product “IN MY OPINION” this lived and expected everything I could imagine in a device like this being this small and protable.

Pus the major prop with this device is the OTG, you should not and can not use this port to charge a device. This is to be used to read/write and access any storage device from a android connection. You CANT NOT USE IT FOR A APPLE PRODUCT!!!!

I would like to see next a product that not only charges tablets , smartphones, cameras. But I would like to see a product that would charge a laptop , have a charging port for a laptop type plug in.

But overall I am very pleased with this , and would recommend it to any electronic savvy or computer specialist.

I received this free of charge for this honest non biased review. Thank you.


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