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I was asked to review this amazing product; its called the HooToo port usb hub. Have you ever had to hook up more then one component and realize you dont have enough usb ports, then this is for you, Laptops only have at least 3 usb ports and when you work hard you may need extra ports, for an example, you have to get documents off of a flash drive and you use a wireless mouse and a printer, well there is your 3 components, but the problem is you need to hook up more products. This is where the HOO TOO port hub comes in,
This port not only has 7 usb ports but it also is a surge protector to protect your documents on your devices if the power goes out.
There is also a 1.5v charging port for your IPHONE or Ipad. The maximum transfer speed is 5 GBPS and it is compatible with USB 2.0, which is amazing for those who don’t have the 3.0 USB drive they are able to use this still since it would read the 2.0 version.

Also there is no installation required, all you have to do is plug it in and your ready to play or proceed to what you need to do

So, whats in the box;
You get the 7 port usb plus 1 plug for charging.
There is no manual due to the fact it is simple as pie.

I received this free for exchanged for my honest unbiased review

You can purchase it here


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