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Ipad mini 4 case



This is a nice durable Ipad4 mini case. It will only fit the 2015 mini 4 tablet. While I was observing the case I notice it is very hard plastic,I love how the kickstand pops out easy for easy standing for viewing. I also notice it is more durable and protective if you accidently drop it on its back or side. If you accidently drop it front facing it is not likely to protect it due to the screen protector. This case comes in many colors, as I do not have a I pad mini, but I do know someone who does, they will love this casing. I observed this entirely. This case comes in 2 pieces a bottom hard protective bottom with kickstand and a rubbery inner layer that is flexable.This case looks like it will tightly hold your Ipad and what I like about it is that I noticed that all the buttons to turn you Ipad on and off, the sound and the round button you push when it goes to sleep is easy to get to and turn on, also while I was looking at the screen protector it looks like you will have no problems with touch sensitivity. But, This is coming all from observation, as I am a computer technician with a degree. So, I do know about tablets and computers.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest unbiased review.


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