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Koraza Glass Ipad Air


I love Senteny products, They are very durable an hopefully long lasting. I dont personally own a Ipadair but my mother in lar does. I told her she can have the product they gave me as a discount to try out and review. The Koraz Glass reminds me of gorilla glass which my android tablet has it, and I feel safe having it with having children. I have had my tablet thrown across the room hitting walls and has not broken. I would not recommend tying it out, but I have a daughter who has a mental condition call ODD which she becomes very distrucive, So i do my best to protect my expensive electronics. When I tried out,the Koraza Glass on my mother in laws Ipad AIR she fell in love with it. She feels more comfortable now,knowing, the glass is durable and scrach proof, I will be suggesting to get some foor my Ipad air friends, now if they come out with ones for android I woul be sooo happy.

I received this at a discount rate for this review


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