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MVPower® Smart TV Box MX3 MXIII Android 4.4 S812 Quad Core support Gigabit Ethernet Streaming Media Player FULLY-LOADED KODI 4K Netflix Youtube Skype H.265 H.265 Airplay Miracast 3D Blu-ray 2G/8G


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This is such a amazing product, It does take a little time to set up with your wifi and setting up your google account. It has basically everything a tablet does. It has google play so you can search for all your favorite games, apps and much more, It has a calendar, google video , so if you bought movies , or if you wanted to rent movies off the google video app you can play use it on this device. If you compare this to the Apple tv device it is kinda like the same thing, but without having to have a credit card for the free games and apps. I am not biased I have tried Apple products but they are just not for me, I am more of a android person. Its much easier to use and understand, I am glad they finally came out with a Android smart tv, It includes: Youtube, Skype, Netflix and much more. It has a 2gb ram and 8gm emmc flash. You can connect a mouse and keyboard to it which is interesting and unique to make it a mini computer. There are Many ports, easily connect to HDTV; Bulit-in Micro SD card/USB jacks slot makes speedy work of transferring photos and videos from digital camera.


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