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Portable Charger +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 |


I have a top of powebanks. I take my, laptpp, tablet, ene my husbands and kids electronics. What I realize the ones I have they really dont hold their charge. In facet, it drains the battery so quickly it, I taje about 20 mins to check my mail and sort it into the right folder and listen to music, and I cant even finish that cause they go dead, So, when was chose through Tomoson to try out the lifegaurd power bank I was kinda of skeptical, buy after 2 hours of playing music and checking my email. I still had plenty of battery life. The price is very worth it, what I really like about it is, that is comes with 2 cords, the first one is lighting speed charger for a Ipad, Ipod, or any apple product.

I like apple dont get me wrong but the fact you have a credit card in file just to get the free games and I am not about that, where with a android device you dont need a credit card or gigt card to get any of the free stuff.

Thank you tomoson for having thid group make selectiond and picking me as ne of them to review a jonest unbiased review for them.


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