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Rear review mirror for lcd tv or laptop



This little gadget was unbelievable I absoultly loved it by all means. I have children and a husband and not to mention a brother in law that all love to play pranks on me while I am working on my laptop, as of right now my laptop is out of comission so I am able to use this on my new tablet with a keyboard and I can see all behind me. No more playing pranks on me, and they think this is so neat that that are wanting to buy one for there computers. What i like about it is that that screen is picture clear so its not foggy nor is it blurry so I can catch them red handed. I have never seen something like this before, I have this on a list to purchase for family and friends. Best part of all is when I am working on my reviewing or just talking to friends and I am to be keeping a eye on the kids while working, They get mad when I catch them doing something they are not supposed to be doing. This is perfect to catch those pranksters or keeping a eye on what gos on behind you. I always tell my children and family I have eyes in back of my head , now with this little gadet I really do, this has to be the best product I have tried and had in years. I recieved this free for this review.


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