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Safco desk lamp



I been searching for a good desk lamp for my office,  There are special techniques that I look for, cost effective on electricity, How much light does it put out, can you adjust the light. Well when this Safco desklight came to my door, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was pleased to with everything this lamp has to offer. The lamp handle bends down, and not only the lamp part bends as well. The base I was really pleased with itself, on the back of the there is a plug in where you can plug it into the wall and there is also a usb plug in where you can plug it in you can plug into a usb port and it charges. Also on the top bottom of the base, its all touch screen where you can make it lighter or darker. I fell in love with this light and it best of all its energy saving.


I received this free for this review.


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