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Sentey 4 port white USB charger



I am a member of Sentey, I am in love with this 4 port usb wall charger, It comes in white and black, I received the white one. I love that I can connect it into the wall outlet and charge 4 of my usb products. I charge my power banks, cell phone, tablets and my Xbox one controller. It took only 3 hours to charge everything. Its light weight and it comes in a elegant gift box. I have to say this is a must have for a electronic buff. It sucks when you dont have enough outlets to charge all your products. The price is right for the this light weight port. I believe every electronic buff should own one of these. I will be buying one and giving some as a gift, I cant see life without this, this is a dream and a life saver when it comes to charging my electronics.

I received this as a discount for this review!!!


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