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Sentey Blue Flow Headset

WIN_20150423_171232 WIN_20150423_171251

These headphones were completely amazing, My daughter and I have small ears and the ear buds , just don’t fit inside our ears, I have bought so many headsets, only to be disappointed, So, when I was invited to join Sentey I was extremely happy, as I am a computer nut and love everything about them. So, your probably asking why you like these so, much, well they say that price isn’t always the best. I have to say that is the truth , as getting these at a Discount Rate through Sentey was very worth it in exchange for this honest review. My daughter ended up taking these over, As, we have been searching everywhere to find a pair of headphones that wouldn’t just fir over her head but, her ears as well. I tried them out to test the level of noise it exceeds as I care about my children’s hearing. One thing I do feel safer about is that they fold. I don’t know how many pairs of headphones that I have owned that I packed when the kids go to friends or family houses and they forget their headphones are in there and they break!! It is irritating cause if you spent a pretty penny on headphones they just broke I know you would not be happy. So, its very easy to fold them and put them away and plus in the kids computer drawer they take up less space, so they are very convenient for storage space.
Another great thing about these head phones are the inline mic. I like having the inline mic in my headsets because I walk and get my children from school, so I plug it in and set my walking music on my phone and plug it in and play. My husband will call me to make sure I made it or where I am if I have to walk to the store. We tend if its walking distance we will walk, saves gas. But, when he calls I can press the little button on the blue mic set and start talking and then when one of us hangs up it continues to where I left off on the music. I can see a long life for these headphones if used properly. Thank you for the great discount coupon to try these out!!

They come in Blue,Purple, and Red!!


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