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Sentey in Ear bud with Mic

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I am not a huge fan of in ear buds for listening to music. As, I have small ears trying to find the right size buds is so hard. When Sentey sent me these to try out I was like what the heck a cheap pair of headphones what can I do. But that was not the case, These were incredible, crisp clear sound, and when you get a phone call with the in ear, When a phone call comes in, it cuts off the music, you can hear the person on the other end with out interception. These are also noise canceling so when I am talking or listening to music I can hardly year anyone. I could ask for a better pair of buds. It also includes a packet of ear buds that will fit all types of ears. The price is right at Sentey or on Amazon. If you need a pair of ear buds like these then head on over and pick up a pair. Price don;t matter its the quality of what you get.


I received this as a discount for my honest unbiased review!!


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