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SleeKeys Keyboard/case for Ipad Air and Giveaway


I am a computer tech lover, I love electronics!!!,, I have laptops, desktops, flat screens in every bedroom. We even have a xbox one with kenect. My children have their own Tablets, I just got a new tablet for Christmas, one that came with a case/keyboard.I love the tablet with a keyboard, actually its is like a mini laptop. The one i got is bluetooth which really fits to my needs. i even bought a pair of really good bluetooth headphones. But Tomoson had a promotion for a Magnetic keyboard /case for the Ipad Air. My mother in law got a Ipad Air for her birthday.

I was chosen to review this amazing product. I ended up giving her the case, she let me use it to try it out , so I can give my honest opinion. I am a member of, I love this site, you can pick th products that fit to your needs and they will email you if your accepted, and then send you the product or give you a code and if your a Prime member of Amazon, it really pays off as the shipping is free!.

This time around I was chosen to review the SleeKeys Keyboard/Case for the Ipad Air. When I got it I was really thrilled how nice the case was. Its PU Leather case with magnetic closeure. It came in a easy to open package. When you open up the case inside was a piece of styrofoam to protect the keyboard.The keyboard is nicely made, the keys are easy to press and they don’t stick.

When placing the Ipad Air into the case, it is nicely secured into the plastic case. The keyboad sits nicely onto the tablet, and I was happy that when pressing the keys, it didn’t scratch the tablet screen. This is a really neat idea, you don’t need bluetooth or any wires to use the keyboard. No charging needed!!. All you have to do is place it on the Ipad and it automatically recongizes the keyboard. Place it on the screen and your free to type what ever you want.

There are 3 postions to this as you can see in the picture. You can use it like a normal case, or you can even have it upright. I like the way it stands up, as you can see it has dips where the bottom of the case can nicely sit.

I have to say these is great, I liked trying it out , and my mother in law loves using a keyboard to use her tablet. It is easier to use a keyboard instead of having to type each letter or let alone use the Swipe feature to type everything.

You can purchase this wonderful product invention on Amazon for 49.95, but they sent me this for free inexchange for a non biased review. I honestly can’t say anything bad about this product. Its nice and durable. I am happy to know that her tablet is safe and secured. There are many tablet cases out there that the tablet does not fit securely in them. The only con to this case you can only use it if you have the following.

  • Works with iPad air, iPad air 1 and iPad 5 ONLY will NOT WORK with iPad air 2 or iPad 6. Travel-friendly SleeKeys is designed for on the go use. With no setup necessary, SleeKeys can be used virtually anywhere. Simply flip the keyboard on the screen to start typing.

I would deffintly recommend this to any of the above canditate Ipads for this case. You will  not be dissapointed. Its a very worth the price!!

Once again I recieved this FREE INEXCHANGE FOR THIS REVIEW!! Thank you for giving me the chance to give a great opinion for it.
Thank you to all my readers, if you want your chance to get your very own Keyboard/case for your Ipad, or want to enter to give one as a give. click on the link below for contest. 1 winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck to everyone.


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