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I am a fan of my tablet. I just got my early xmas present a new tablet that is bluetooth and I am in heaven with it, I applied to review this Solo tablet case before I got my new as I had a Toshiba and I was unhappy with it, , my 8 year old got a hold of it and broke it, so my loving husband got me a new one that came with a keyboard, but I dont like to drag that case everywhere in case the keys pop off. This Solo tablet fits 10 in tablets. When I received this case I fell in love with it immediately. Why you ask, well as you can see in the pictures it has the option to prop up the tablet and also it nice clips that holds your tablet securely, you don’t have to worry about it coming loose and falling out. I feel when it comes to purchasing accessories for electronics especially tablets price shouldn’t matter, what you should be looking at is durability and what is the pros to help protect your tablet. I would recommend this to family and friends. What I do like is how it holds the tablet is place without any problems. I have used many cases to previous tablets and non of them comes close to how durable in the placement holding a tablet. The price is well worth it.

I received this free in exchange for this review from solo and shoplet.


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