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SoundLogic XT® Rechargeable Wireless Rave Bluetooth Speaker with LED Light Show

I received the soundlogic Rechargeable wireless Rave Bluetooth Speaker. I was thrilled to have been chosen to try this out it led show speaker out. I love the sound quality and most of all the colors as we listen to music. I have seen many led speakers that claim to beat to the music but they beat but looks like the lights are off beat, while when I connected this to my bluetooth device, which if your computer is bluetooth it will connect to that, tablets and phones anything that, but I fell in love in the instant I opened the package, this is a sturdy not light weight but not heavy. Setting up the bluetooth was so simple, all I had to do was switch the button to bluetooth and had my buetooth set on my device and it set up instantly. There is also a option where you choose mp3 and that will set up to the TF set up which is a micro sd card. The best part I feel is amazing is that you have the choice to have the led lights on , you dont have to have them on, also there is a mic option if you have it set up to your phone your able to take and make phone calls.

Disclaimer : I recieved this at a major discount rate with a honest unbiased review.


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