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StarryBay SW-08-1 Sweatproof Smart Watch Phone for iPhone 5s/6/6s and 4.2 Android or Above SmartPhones – Black

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I am super stoked they came out with a watch like the apple watch, This has so many capabilities that I am in love with it, even though my hubby took it over, I am not biased but I have always been a android person. Apple you have to pay for everything and have a credit card on file just to get the free stuff , while Android you dont have to, the watch has many features: it has a calendar which you can program events or appointments, It has a calculator,bluetooth to hook up to your phone to make a receive phone calls, the calls come in so clear and you are able to understand the other person. It also has where you can create a contact list so you can look through the contacts to make the phone call instead of having to remember the phone number. It also has a test message feature , so you can send messages to your friends, It has a audio player which the bluetooth feature can connect to a bluetooth speaker or headphones. You can record messages , lets say you have to do grocery shopping, you can record your list, It has a camera to take pictures, photo gallery, settings to the watch, make videos, it has a icon that looks like a windows icon, that sets the tone of the volume if your in a meeting or so forth. It also has a fm radio built into it, It also has a sleep quality monitoring time. It also has a alarm on it, The cool part I think is neat is there is a app on it that tells different times across the world. I recommend this for any person looking for a watch like the apple watch and for a decent price..

I received at either a discount or free in exchange for a honest unbiased review


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