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This is a amazing product, I have never owned a projector, so I didnt know what to expect, when I got the product I couldnt wait to see all the cool features, It has a SD slot for a memory card to listen to music, a few hdmi ports which we set up our cable dvr box, our xbox one , we have also when we want to watch streaming movies like popcorn time we hook up our half laptop which the screen went so we use it with a Hdmi cord to the tv an now to the projector. I also have a Android box tv ,its like a apple tv, but all android. I have hooked up my google chromecast to it and had a blast with it. For the price they are asking for it , it is a terrific deal with all the features. As you can see in the video the picture quality is amazing. We re arranged our living room and used our blank wall that is clearly white so you can see the video playing.clearly. we have the sound going all through our sound surround system. I am proud I was able to review this and talking a look at the led bulbs they are much cheaper then they used to be back when projectors were just coming out. I like owning one now cause it will lower the cost of power bill with having no lights on to watch tv is much more enjoyful.

This is my honest opinion non biased and truthful I received this free in exchange for this honest review.


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