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Tao Tronics Bluetooth Sports Headset



I am reviewing the TaoTronics Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headset. I was so pleased to review these. I love hitooth headset is so sporty, I love how when putting the eat pieces in the ear how well they stay in place. It comes with a box that you can store everything in it. So what is all included you are wondering well here we go!!!

1. The Black Taotronics Sports head set. I really like these, cause I do a lot of jogging, walking to the store or taking my 1 year old for walk in her stroller. I like that these are more rounded and fits inside your ear a lot better. I reviewed a bluetooth set awhile back where instead of the ear piece casing being round like this , it was more rectangular and the piece that holds the rechargeable battery or the wiring always fell off and I had to keep super gluing them back together and they weren’t really for the sporty or exercising activities.

2. The second thing that comes with wonderful headset is the usb charger.

3. The last thing besides the manual that comes with these are 2 sets, they are in 2 different plastic storage bags are the different size ear buds and in ear casing, an you are probably wondering what casing means for the in ear besides the buds. The special developed casing help the ear pieces stay connected inside your ear!

I love how TaoTronics are redesigning their technology in the electronic world making it more user friendly.

In the you tube video above it shows you how to pair it with your devices. If you are more of a reader I am going to walk you through it step by step.

1. First make sure on your device that you will be using the bluetooth setting is on, that is a must. It depends on your device but it is usually under settings near the wifi connection option.

2. The second thing to do will  hold the button as you would turn it on, but don’t turn it on and thinking you are connected because your not. You have to keep holding down on the button until it blinks blue and red simultaneously.

3. Depending on the device for instance I use this on my phone, tablet and of course my laptop. If it does not show up while it is blinking those 2 colors then what you will need to do is click or press on the scan for devices, by doing that it should pop up the name of the bluetooth device you are trying to connect.

4. Once you see the device under bluetooth press or click the device name , it should say pairing, once its done pairing it will say connected. After doing that click a song or make a call if you are using your phone, or if you are using your laptop or tablet you can click on the skype and if friends or family are on you are able to talk to them.

5. On the left side I believe of the headset there is a plus and minus button that is your volume control. Below that you can see a small hole that looks like a small pin can go through it. DO NOT STICK NOTHING IN THAT HOLE!!!! That is the microphone to be able to talk when answering calls or skyping.

6. The button you held down to pair it, well once it is paired you hold it down until it is red hold it down for 3 seconds, that means the headset is off, Hold down on it again it for 1 second it will blink  blue 3 times quickly. That means it is turned on, to pause or unpause to play push that mulitfunction button again to play or pause.

7. When having it connected to your phone and it rings press the mulifunction button to answer. To hang up press the same button.

9. If you want to disregard a phone call double press the multi button. Also lets say you missed a call this is really cool feature, Press the multi button 2 times and it will redial the last number that called you. I think this is a amazing feature. As being a parent I dont know how many times I missed a call and couldn’t get to the phone quick enough, well as long as you have the headset connected and in your ear, you are able to redial.

10. Lets say you are listing to a  song and you don’t like it or you just want to hear something else. press and hold the + for 1 second and it will change the song.

What I really like about Bluetooth headsets these days are you don’t have to worry about those long crazy cords that get tangled into everything. Plus you are able to talk while you are driving , in case you have a emergency and have a audio cable that you can connect to speak through your car speakers.

Me personally I will never ever talk , text or answer a phone call while driving. Not only am I putting other peoples lives in danger but my own family as a wife who’s husband will be going in for complete knee replacement and 3 kids ages 1, 7 and 8 with them screaming and hollering its hard enough to concentrate on them and the road let alone a phone call, that is why a phone call can wait or if its dire need they can call my husbands phone who is a passenger.

So, now you are probably wondering what the different color lights mean right?

*Well when it is charging you will see a solid red light.

* Solid blue means fully charged

* Flashing red and blue is pairing the device

* Once it is paired it will flash blue every 7 seconds.

Once you paired the device to all your units , if the units you are not using will not effect this, but lets say you turn you turn your tablet on and you want to listen to music using your headset, since you have already paired it all you have to do is turn on the headset and you can enjoy listening to your music.

There is a 12 month warranty through this company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

I received this free inexchanged for this unbiased  honest review.

Check out the video above a subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can see the products being used and then come to this site for a full in depth detailed review.

Thank you Taotronics for another amazing product to be reviewed for free or at a discount rate for this honest review


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