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The picture above is the Taotronics wireless shower speaker. I placed it in back of the shower head but it still was able to get wet as my husband and I use it all the time since getting it, I use it more for my baths. Being a mother I like locking the door and listening to music, and my tablet isnt waterproof so I get nervous having it close to me. Well let me tell you more about it.

1st. What comes with this device – 1* A manual – it has 6 different languages for this device to how to use it. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese. Which a language for just about anyone to under which I give major respect to this company to include different languages for them to understand.

2nd item included is the wireless speaker for the shower on the back on the speaker it has the suction up to be able to stick it to the shower.

3rd thing that came along with it is, the charger to recharge the speaker.

SO, now that you know what’s included , questions are arising probably how does it work, how to pair it to my devices. Well , I am going to explain.

SO what are the specs of this device?

*Bluetooth v3.0, Range is 300ft away from the product, last on a full charge 5 hours, takes 2 hours to charge

How to use this product,

I feel this one is so simple : to charge connect the usb to any usb connector, such as cable box, xbox one, or even a laptop. When its charging you can tell its charging by the red light , once its done it will turn blue. YOu can tell if its running low on battery bu you will hear irregular batter and the 5 minutes later it will turn off. Also which is great to know is while you are charging you can use still use the speaker there is a circuit inside that will notifi the speaker that its is completly charged and you wont have to worry about over charging.

SO how do you turn it on/off : hold the power button for 2 seconds or until you see a solid blue light, and to turn it off you do the same thing, hold for 2 seconds or until the light shuts off.

Paring: This was a little difficult for me, I actually had to turn the speaker on and the bluetooth on the device to reset it, once i did that, I held the power button for 2 seconds, you may have to wait a little longer, as you have to wait until is starts to blink to prepare the pairing. Then you got to the bluetooth device, make sure you turned it back on and click the scan for devices , once you see Taotronics TT-SK03, Once clicking that it will make a sound letting you know its connected.

What I like about taotronic products once you pair to your devices it tends to remember the devices you paired when they turn on.

This is just not for music, you can answer phone calls in the shower which is great, as our phones are not cheap or waterproof so knowing you can make phone calls is outstanding.

This speaker is not completly waterprood, its protected against splash of water.

What we did after using it in the shower we did wipe it down in the shower. I have never tried out a shower speaker and this is outstanding, in fact, my brother in law cant wait to try it out.



So your probably wondering what this above in the picture its also a taotronic product these are the wireless sport headphones. I love these I have a pair of bluetooth headphones and the are over the ear which is head to walk and do my exercises, I mean even picking up my children from school cause I wouldnt use my over the ear ones cause I would feel they are not safe to walk around cause I may not hear the cars or anything.

But recieving the Taotronics headphones made it mor reliefing , Unlike the over the head I can keep one ear piece in the ear and the other , so I can use my hearing senses, also I am able to answer phone calls. JUst the like Shower speaker it comes in the same languages, which what I am finding out , Taotronics is know to help everyone one in a different language.

The contents contain a little more stuff: the blue toothset as seen above, a micro usb charging cable, different sizes ear buds to fit over the headset, depends on how wide your ear whole is, it also comes with a heavy duty sturdy really nice mesh headphone carrier. and then the user manual.

THis one unlike th speaker has a smaller range for connection, this one is 33ft near the device, where the speaker is 300 ft. Unlike the 2 hour charge time for the speaker the headset takes only 1 hour to charge.

YOu can use it for 6 hours working and on standby is 120 hours. The cable link is on 21 inches.

SO wondering how the functions work,

*Press and hold the button for 2 seconds the indicator light will turn blue first and then flash for every 2 seconds

*Powering off you are going to hold the power down button down for 3 seconds and the light will turn off when the device is off.

*hOw to press play/and pause? press the play button one time, the light will flash red and then blue back and forth.

You can also aswer phones with this device, which I like, cause I can keep on in my ear and the other out so I can at least hear for traffic and so forth. So, at least if I have one bud in my ear and I am walking to get my kids from school and walk them to the after school program, I am able to reach 911 or a family member including my husband in case of a emergency. So I like not only you can use these as listening to music I can use them as phone calls.  And all you have to do to hang up is press the play button. There is also a refuse a call option when it ring hold the play button for 2 seconds. To redial the number press the play button 2 times to redial the last number that called.

*how do you know if its charging: solid red is charging, *Solid blue is fully charged, * flashing red and blue back and forth is paring to the device. *When it is paired it will flash blue once every 5 secons. Here are some pictures below showing how they are working.

IMG_20150215_145350 IMG_20150215_145309


Overall I feel using these walking with one eat piece in and one out and while I am at home working, I feel like am free to do what I have to without being attached to the device.

SO, I do have one more product to discuss and this product is called, The Car Kit hands free kit. IMG_20150213_154208IMG_20150215_150421 IMG_20150215_150427 IMG_20150215_150438 IMG_20150215_150450 IMG_20150215_150457


My husband drives my brother in law from job to job, what scares me the most is when he is on the phone calling me or I am calling him, and we start disagreeing. I am not going to lie, we have tried many different car devices to make it wireless and we always have the problem that either he dont talk loud enough, or the connection from the device to the out put of the phone.

SO, we tried out the Taotronics car kit hands free, before we get into details about this I have to say when I call him and he is listening to music, it cuts the music off and picks up using the hands free phone feature. Unlike the other devices I have used in the past I have to say the music is crip clear, and phone conversations were out standing knowing that I was able to hear him completly clear and he could hear me with out problems.

Well lets get on to the specs and contents of the products. It is very important to discuss, I already talked about what  I like know it is time to talk, how to use it and other features.

SO, here we go:

This car kit comes with the following:

*TT-br03  Bluetooth hands free receiver

*THe car charger to charge the reciever

*In back of the reciever there is a yellow sticky piece of sticker when you remove that its the magnetic suction base. Which when we placed it in out suv, we had to find a place that was magnetic to have it stick inside the car. And of course the user manual.

This one like the shower speaker has a range of 33 ft, it has a usb 5v to charge the device

So, your wondering how the Led indicators work and their functions right?

*when it switches from red to blue back and forth just like the other products its in the paring mode.

*Once its paired the LED indicator will flas blue once every 10 seconds. It means its paired but no action from the mobile device.

*When it flashes red once every 4 seconds it means no device is paired but it is on the standby,

*When it stays a solid blue it is playing

*When it is a solid red the music is muted due to your in a phone call mode.

So, what does each button do?

* Power on – THe off and on power button is on the side of the device. When you have it on it is blue, *When the power is off it is red. * Pairing mode, press and hold the MFB button for about 3 seconds.It will go from red and blue back and forth *Pause/play , Press the MFB one time. When paused the indicator will flash blue every 10 seconds once.

*Volume + – ,Press the vloume button up and down to make it louder or lower. Don’t make it to high as it can hurt your ear drums.

Play previous/Next –  Press and hold the volume button for 2 seconds, the down is to goe to the previous song and the up goes to the next to song.

Answer/ hang up from a phone call – Press the MFB one time

Decline a phone call – Press and hold the MFB for 2 seconds.

When you want to mute a phone call, lets say your on a call and you need to say something and you dont want the other person on the other end to hear, you would press and hold the volume for 2 seconds to turn on and off, , when mute is on it will be solid red, when off it will have no lights,

If you need to redial a phone number that just called, you will double press the MFB to redial the last number that came in or you called.

If yo want to clear the pair list, so people who have your phone or bluetooth device near they can not get onto your device. How to do this is you have to be in pairing mode then double press the MFB, it will flash twice red and blue.

How to connect to the car?

you must make sure the bluetooth reciever is off that is a must, then take of the yellow double side tape on the back of the reciever. There should be a magnetic place in your car where to stick the reciever, I have mine by the ciggerrette lighter section. THe you are going to take the adapter, and plug it in the cigg lighter, and connect the usb to the back of it. The usb is the one you plug in to the bag of the adapter it will have a phone picture!! Attached to the adapter is a 3.5mm audio connector into the AUX, but I plug it into my phone for the music.

Pairing the device is the like how you pair the others I discussed above has to be 3 feet away turn bluetooth on search devices and once you see TT-bR03 click it , it should connect and your good to go.


I am really happy with this company and looking for more reviews to do for them,

As I state everything on my site I have recieved free for a review. Thank you Taotronics looking for more to review for you!!


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