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Tomameri 16 GB MP3/MP4 Player with Photo Viewer, E-Book Reader, Voice Recorder – Blue

mp3 blue

This is perfect for a child’s first mp3 or mp4 player, Or a on the go music player It has all sorts of functions, It comes with a 16gb mini TF memory card, I did, take it out and out my 32gb memory card in it, cause I already had music on it and I didn’t feel like downloading any music cause my time was limited at the point. I have my audio books of 50 shades of grey books on it so while I am working around the house doing clean up, or just relaxing while I am on the computer doing my work.

When using the player I will start at the top. There is a switch for on / off and then right next to it is where you insert the mini memory card.
Once you have switched to on, you will press the circle button for a few seconds and it will turn on .
It will give you a few options : music, video, record, fm radio, picture, system settings, text. to get to these options you will press the buttons that have arrows pointing left and right.

Also if you are not listening to anything, the mp3 player will shut off if your not using it, which is great to save battery,
to get to the music on you memory card you will make sure it says music, then press the middle button, and just press the side to side buttons that have the arrows pointing to the left and right.To pause the song just press the middle circle button,
That is why when I am in the music part I just press the left or right arrows to listen to the music and not mess with the folders until I get more use to the device, but I feel this is more for a kid who just want to listen to music on the memory card or the fm radio function. I also bought a good pair of ear buds cause the ones that came with are round plastic and uncomfortable. Also don’t lose the charging usb cord as it is the older kind, the one that is thicker rather than the smaller thinner usb charging cord. It does come with the 32gb TF memory card

Disclaimer: I received this for free or at a discount rate in exchange for a honest unbiased review


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