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TrendBox 3M 10ft HDMI Cable Premium 1.4V Gold Male to Male Nylon For 1080P Plasma TV HDTV DVD LCD PS3 3D Videos DVRs


I have owned many Hdmi cords and half of them break easily. I have a lot of electronics that tend to wear out in a short amount of time. I have a projector in my living room , so I was looking for a reliable long enough Hdmi cable to reach from the projector to my sound surround system that is connected to my Xbox One, the cable box and the sterero. Trying to find a cable long enough can get expensive but paying the price for one makes me think if it is really worth it. Well that is where the TrendBox 10ft Hdmi cable comes in , rather than the ordinary cables that are smooth or easily bends where the tip can break off or you don’t get the connection you need and have to wiggle the cable to get the right connection, you have this one that is braided with Nylon fabric so you get the connection you want , you can also get a adapter to connect to get a great internet connection. I can tell you we tried this hooked up to the Xbox One to try it out before the projector we noticed a big difference. The Xbox loaded faster and youtube loaded the videos a lot faster without the hassle of buffering. So if you are looking for a great durable reliable Hdmi cable then this one is for you. Its well worth the price if I didn’t get a free sample I would purchase this cable.

Disclaimer: I received this free in exchanged for a honest unbiased review


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