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Trentius Rugged case Galaxy S5


I am a electronic tech, I love to voice my opinions a=on everything from kids, babies, health and beauty all the way up to electronics.

In this review I was selected to review the Trentius Ultra-thin Rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

There are a lot of perks to this case that I can’t wait to find out if it is well worth it.

The first one says its Shock Resistant, the second is Durable Material, its water resistant and has 3 Switchable covers.

This case is very elegant if your in the professional department , it comes with 3 easily exchangeable switch covers, black , grey and a gold color..
I absolutely loved this case, it is very durable and its water resistant, dust proof and shock resistant. This is a must have if you have children and you can purchase it at amazon for a very reasonable price.

I really like the stylish covers. I can color coordinate with my style or a night out with the girls. I am looking to purchase a few more and give them as gifts. If your looking for a nice case with covers and your worried about durability compared to others. This is for you. I know other cases with these features are out of this world with the price for a little cheaper price you can get all the features in this wonderful case.

I received this product in exchanged for my honest unbiased opinion. This words are my own and my opinion. I can’t guarantee it will work for others but it worked for me and I am very pleased with it. Thank you


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