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TROND G2U Smart Dual USB Charger White

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This is the second product they sent me, its called  TROND G2U Smart Dual USB Charger(White). This is mini sized where you can put it in your purse or something small you can carry with you.

I take mine along with me wherever I go, that way I always have a charging unit to charge my USB devices. it plugs in to a AC outlet. I have a converter in my car so I am able to charge , watch or work in my car while in the passenger side. This device is a important part for charging. I realize the more they come out with products the greater technology is, I mean devices like these take up less time to charge what you need , compared to plugging it into the wall outlet it can take all night.

When I charge my phone it will be done within 2 hours compared to 4 hours through a wall outlet.

You can purchase this on Amazon through Trond.

I received this free for this review and its my honest / unbiased opinion.


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