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I was invited by trond electronics to try out a few products here is the 1st one,

it comes with the box that can connect 2 adapters to it, in the picture I have my laptop charging and then there are 4 usb ports to charge tablets, cellphones anything you can charge by usb or ac adapter this will do it.

I love it for 2 reasons :

#1 reason it takes half the time to charge my tablet by the A/C part instead of using a wall outlet and taking 4 hours to charge my laptop it takes about 2 1/2 hours for a full charge.

#2 reason I have 2 cellphones, and 2 tablets that I always need charged. Reasons being, I have a year old that I am home with as a sty at home mom I need my phone charged at all times. My husband always needs his phone charged cause of medical dr calls him all the time. This is perfect.

You can buy this at Amazon , I recommend this to anyone who needs to charge more than one item at a time. You can charge phones that dont have usb or tablets, even laptops. I am so in love with this and you would be to in my opinion.

I received this free for this review.


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