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Trond Usb Audio adapter


I was chosen through Trond to review this amazing little usb adapter. As a mom of 3 girls and I have a husband who just had complete knee replacement having to watch a movie with them can be difficult as with only having one headphone jack, they are unable to hear the music or movie that I on without having to interfere with everyone. My husband especially as he is unable to get out of bed at times, so when we lay together and we are watching a movie on the laptop , its hard to hear at times or we don’t want it too loud as the baby sleeps in our room. Well here comes the Usb audio adapter. This is a tiny adapter that plugs right into the usb port of your computer. There is no need to install any programs to run this adapter. You plug it in and your ready to go, as you can see in the video there you can see the red and green plugs to help you to know which one is for the headphones and which one is for the microphone. My husband and I love this as we can plug it in and he can plug in a pair of headphones and is able to listen to what we are watching or if we are talking by video to family or friends he can plug in his microphone into the usb port jack and can talk and hear the other person. This device is a must have for everyone with a computer or laptop. It is a great useful piece of device for everyone.

Received this free for in exchange for this review


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