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Ulive Riem III VR Glasses, Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset for 3.5-6” Smartphones for 3D Movies and Games, White

WIN_20160204_14_17_28_Pro WIN_20160204_14_17_33_Pro


This was super easy to install, with the directions, it shows you how to place the head piece on your head, To practice the device in the instructions you can down load a qr scanner to scan the code, to see how it works in the 3d VR glasses. I did the scanner to see how it worked and l went a head and got a few 3d games and tried them out and they were amazing, very good quality, it looks like HD video quality, I love it, it says Google Cardboard but I dont really see the cardboard. I have to say this is very durable and excellent quality. I would like to get a few more for some of my brother in laws and my older nieces and nephews they will enjoy it as much as I do. My husband even gave it a try and he said for the price he said it is great for the quality and how durable. He said it is made of more plastic, so he doesn’t understand if the cardboard is under the plastic put it is perfect he watch a few videos himself and couldn’t believe how well the video footage was for the price. We are going to fight over this device.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate for a honest unbiased review


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