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[Upgrade Version ] Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earphones with Apt-x /CVC6.0 Noise Cancellation, Built-in High Sensitivity HD Micro.(White)

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I am a music fanatic, trying to find the perfect headset is so hard as I have little ears. Trying to find a headset as the rubber ear pieces don’t stay in my ear cause they don’t make them small enough, when I was ask to review these amazing ear pods I was super excited. They fit perfect and sit nicely in my ears. When I do jogging they don’t fall out like typical ear sets. I was super amazed by them. When I clean house the still stay in my ears. I like that they have a pause button. Another thing I was really surprised about was the sound quality the music was crisp and clear. There is a pa use function which I like cause if I have to do something I don’t have to click pause on my computer which has a blue tooth function. Also my phone, if I’m listening to music unlike other ones I have owned I had to press stop on the computer or phone, these ear pods with one click on the head set it pauses and when I’m done I press it again and our continues where it left off. I also like when I need to take a phone call I can hear the other person nice and clear. I have owned a few where I can barely hear them or they can’t hear me very well. I have to day these are one of the best pair of head sets I have owned. I have never heard of ear pods until I got these.I recommend them for just about anyone, I really recommend them for individuals with little ears cause they stay in place and don’t have to worry about rubber inserts and trying to find the right size. Just get a pair of ear pods and no more worried about rubber inserts.

Disclaimer I received these for free or at a discount rate for a completly honest unbiased review. I feel products are not for everyone so I never put a product biased cause they might work for someone else.


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