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Vava Floor Lamp

I have been looking for a floor lamp for awhile now, to help cut the cost of electricity , when I was contacted by a company to check out a new lamp they have I was like ok, I have gotten many lamps so I figured it was another LED desk lamp as they said it was a lamp they wanted me to check out. Boy was I wrong. It was in a long box and in a few different pieces. I like the gooseneck option it has. As, you can see in the picture it is a LED light that has a few settings that you can change depending what kind of mood your in, When you connect the lamp to the power source it will enter the standby mode. How you will know it is in standby mode is the power button will light up Blue. The power button is also a timer option by pressing this button it will turn the light off. There is another button called the Color Temperature / Brightness Adjustment option this lets you shift through 5 different settings and the +/- lets you adjust the brightness. If you press and hold the power/timer button for 2 seconds the power indicator will flash 3 times and activate the light to stay on for a hour. After 60 minutes it will automatically shut off , if you want another 60 minutes then hold it again for 2 seconds and it will refresh for another 60 minutes. I like the gooseneck you can adjust it  up to 180 degrees, It is advise when reading the directions do not go pass 180 degrees.

I recieved this for testing purposes and do not have to leave a review. I decided to leave a review of my personal use of the product.



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