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Zenbre Bluetooth Speaker

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I have only owned 2 bluetooth speakers since I been reviewing. I wasn’t crazy about bluetooth until I had my last daughter, and my husband having all his surgeries. I decided to become a working home mom and wife which gives me more time with my family. As, it is summer break my 8 and 9 year old are home until August 24th which is when school starts. Last year my husband had complete hip replacement and at the time I only had my middle child. I was pregnant at the time and my step daughter was in Tennessee with her mom. So, when I had the baby it ended up taking care of 3 girls and my husband. Well now my little one is now 1 and my husband just had complete knee replacement. So, you are probably wondering what does this have to do with anything. Well it does a lot. I can listen to my music, talk to my friends and be able to sit outside watching my children play in the little pool or just outside in general with this powerful crystal clear beat and bass. Compared to the bluetooth donut I own and the Bluetooth waterproof speaker the Zenbre blew these 2 out of the water. I am going to mention what makes this speaker so powerful and why I love it!!

1. Of course its Bluetooth wireless.

2. Dynamic Deep Bass/ Crystal Clear sound.

3. Built in hands free mic so I can talk to my friends and family while I am working, cleaning and taking care of my husband and children.

4. I am charging mine for 24 hours, but I wanted to see how well it sounded before charging it, so I can get a idea for this review. But you can have up to 10 hours of playtime with it.

5. It comes with the 5V usb charging cord to connect it to a usb charging station. Which I have plenty of them so that isn’t a issue with that.

6. I like that I can take TF mini sd card, but just to let you know if you are to put one into the speaker , make sure the device is off before inserting the card in or it ont recognize  all the songs or any at all it depends.

7. If you don’t feel  like listening to what is playing on the TF card or on the device your speaker is hooked up to , you can set it up to the FM feature it has.

8.It also has Large 40MM Loud drivers which is why the music and bass is so Crystal Clear.

9. This device comes with the Aux input cord , which you can hook it up to you surround system receiver to make it louder or you can hook it up to a pair of head phones that connect with the Aux input cord.

When pressing the power button hold it for a long period time maybe 5 to 10 seconds so it can go into the pairing mode to search your Bluetooth devices on the device you are setting up.

I received this at a discount rate for this honest non biased review!!


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