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940 Saturdays Keepsake Journal

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This product is terrific, when looking for books for a choice to review, I ended up picking this, Some people would get the name confused picturing it as maybe giving you ideas or advice what you can do on Saturday’s. But , I knew exactly what to expect , as the title speaks for itself. 940 Saturdays, keepsake journal.

Every page is blank, there are 940 Saturdays which if my calculations are right that would mean it would equal to 18 years.  This books was perfect for me as a mother of 3 children the youngest is 4 months and the oldest is 8 years old. We cherish our weekends as a family, even though were not always together as a family with the 2 older ones go to Aunt and Uncles or Grandma and Grandpa’s house we always have the baby. But, what we decided is to use this as every Saturday give something special that happened that day, if nothing happened then give a caption of what special things or moments that we cherished throughout the weeks. For instance, this past Saturday which was October 18 2014, our 4 month old little girl started to hold items in her hand especially a rattle and wearing her sunglasses.(not really a normal baby , as babies really don’t like hats a glasses on their face) She is special she likes those things, but those are the kid of special moments we want to write down. Yes she has a baby book but their isn’t room for every moment and the littlest moments that might not mean something to others it means something to us. I will cherish this book for all of time. I will write down the achievements my other children will do or have done on that day or give a summery on Saturday of each week. But, this is a perfect item for every mom to be or mom of a new baby to capture what baby books don’t cover.

Received this free of charge for this review. Thank you blogging for books!!


I received t


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