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Amazing Facts about Sharks

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This book was really cool. As, a mother of 3 kids, which this book directed toward my 8 and 7 year old girls. They love learning about animals, so when the opportunity came up to review amazing facts about sharks they were all for it. The book is 21 pages long and I like it because I can put it on their tablets and they are good to go instead of wasting trees and ink, they can have it forever and read it any time. There were some amazing facts that I didn’t even know and I am 30 years old. We didn’t even know that sharks have special cartilage that protects their skin and from parasites. The most powerful sense they have is the sense of smell, and they don’t smell through there nose(well kind of hard cause the live under water lol) but the smell through their mouth, but its not on their tongue or under it like humans and primates. Sharks can see in color and there are over 470 different types of shark species. The largest shark is the Great White. We also did not know, that scientist don’t know what their life span is and also that babies develop inside the eggs and they give live birth. They can also feel vibrations in the water. So, if your swimming in water where sharks are they can feel the vibrant of your movement. I also really was amazed the reason sharks can attack people is being the reason , it looks like a animal in distress. They can swim 18-25 miles a hour. This book goes on into more detail but I don’t want to give the entire book away. This is a must have for children who want to know more about these amazing underwater creatures. Including children who want to become marine biologists. This book was nicely made which colorful illustrated pictures. My children had a blast reading and looking and the indepth pictures.  In fact I have a 4 month old who has a tablet we purchased which we are giving to her on her 1st birthday or even maybe XMAS as she is developing quite advanced we want the best knowledge for our children.  Each child has a micro sd card that we have this book on so they can have it at anytime to show friends and family. I really enjoyed reading this with my children and we got to spend quality time together learning new science information to them at a young age.

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