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Books are a major part of my life especially with my children. Yes, they watch tv and play on tablets , computers. But part of schooling they have to be a a reading  level to go on, I am not the best reader. I can read a book but hard to tell the main Idea, I encourage my children to read all the time, I have 3 children all girls  4 months, 7 years and 8 years.  by 7 and 8 had to repeat 1st grade due to the reading. so, we cant stress enough about reading. I like getting educational books rather then books that don’t make sense or fiction. I like them to learn truth about life , animals and furthmore. I am more into getting the Ebooks for their tablets because they dont get ruined and damage and its something they can always go back to, plus as my 4 month gets older its something she can turn to as she ages. This review is a Ebook regarding  animals with tails.

This book is 24 pages long by Dan Jackson, its has vibrant colorful pictures of animals that draw my children’s attention. This talks about all the species that have tails and what the tails are used for, some are for their motor skills while others use is it for defensive against other predators. For instance dogs use their tails for communication. When they wag their tail they are either happy or the are in need of something. They can even wag their tail when they are angry or upset. which i didn’t know so that is something interesting I learned being 30 years old that my children thought was amazing. Tails and cats determain what kind of mood they are in. Many animals use their tails to survive in their habitat, they keep them warm or cool. Water animals use their tails to help them swim while other help them use them to get around. Tails are a very important feature for a animal that has one. It has a meaning to it, it is not there just to be there and , we are teaching our children its a special characteristic for a animal to have a tail to survive. Some animals have beautiful vibrant color tails such as the peacock. Their tails is consist of a tail. A tale does not have to be cartilage like a dog or have a bone, some tails consists of hair like a horse, feathers such as a bird is a tail for them and they help them fly. A interesting characteristic about a kangaroo is they use their tail to bounce to get around. Tails can also help keep animals balanced out like humans, we have our hips and legs to keep us balanced, in fact many people probably didn’t know that the use of the big toe on a human , keep is balance out to walk. My children and I were very pleased to be able to learn about animals with tails and they have a purpose to them. I am very happy with this book in my opinion. I dont know how others would feel but we really enjoyed it.

Thank you for letting us review it.

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