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Motivate Your child action plan

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I had the lovely opportunity to review this book pictured above, its called Motivate your child action plan. I am a mother of 3 girls 8, 7, and my youngest will be 1 on Saturday. This book mostly applies to my 2 older children as my youngest is just a baby and doesn’t really no right from wrong.

What I like about the book is its step by step instructions to help with specific problems  and helps defines the characteristics of the problem and helps with solutions to make the problem solving easier. It also contains a 5 step plan to help crafts a parenting plan. Also, it helps when the children try and play both parents to get what they want.

My 8 year old has a diagnosis of ODD which is called Oppositional defiant disorderwhich means she defies any authority figure, she disobeys , yells , screams, she gets very violent.

I also have a 7 year old which has not been diagnosed with ODD, but the more she is around her sister who does have ODD, she has be very defiant. I have done everything I possibly could to try to come up with solutions, we tried sticker charts, behavior starry sky where you get stars to make a sky full of good behavior , that does not work either. So now we are trying a new technique where they earn tickets to get special privileges around the house.

Well I was chosen to review this book, what I like about it is it gives us parents confidence with different parental plans and solutions to help motivate our children in a Christian way.

The book starts out to make a plan with solutions to help make a change in what your looking to sustain with your children in 40 days.

The table of contents are as follows :

1. Change is 40 days

2.Where do you want to go?

3. The map to get there

4. Working together

5. A place for firmness

6. Visioning moves you forward

7.Teaching shows the way

8. Spiritual Energy Provides strength

9.Coaching sets the attitude

10. Building motivation from within

11. Growing together

12. Good theology makes it work

I love the tips that go with this book , also there are spaces where you can write down your thoughts and come to a plan to approach the difficulties in problem solving and motivation.

I received this book free for this review. Its a excellent Christian Parenting book


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