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I love education books for my children, growing up I always read National Geographic. I looked at them as a piece of work, not nudity or graphic. Some, people think they are too graphic for our children. I recently had a moms meet group on the new National Geographic for kids. I am a Moms Meet member so , I get the opportunity to host parties with my fellow group members. The parties range from Organic foods for babies to books and baby supplies that are all natural. I was thrilled this year when I had a Priority Pass that I could use on any Moms Meet get together, Since I never received a previous kit in the mail. I ended up using it on this years National Geographic for kids moms meet get together. My mommies loved these books. I did this last year and I was thrilled to have gotten 10 books last year. I had a major turn out for this years. The information that gets packed into these nice binded books in soft cover or hard cover. I am a mother to 3 children ages 8(step -daughter), 7 (biological), and 6 months. They are all girls lol.

The top photo is last years party pack and the second photo is this years. I really liked this years pack!!

When I received this party pack to host for my moms last year I was pregnant with my daughter who is 6 months now, My 8 and 7 year old liked these books, they loved that it was more for their ages. My children tend to be careless with their books and toys, so we decided that we want to order more of these books for our 6 month old. When I was growing up my grandfather bought me ever year a Almanac and a Guinness world record book. We want to start that tradition with our new baby.

The girls loved the Cookbook in this years party pack. My husband loved the Welcome to the world baby book. We had a baby book for our 6 month old and while we were filling it out we made a couple of mistakes. He loved how beautifully binded the book was and how the vibrant pictures. This book is the most perfect and must have for any new baby coming to the world. It is very neutral it can work for a boy or a girl.

When I had my moms get together we talked about how times are changing. Author of children’s book are becoming more open and detailed about certain subjects. For instance; We wanted to prepare our 7 year old for the birth of her sister. She was confused on how the baby got inside the mommy’s tummy. We went to the library and got a few books. We didn’t even look inside we just picked a few out and checked out. I was in the car and picked one of the books out to look at and was shocked to what I saw. I took this book into one of my sessions and showed the other moms and what I saw. This book goes into detail on how babies are born. Some moms had the out look of well that’s the truth and other moms like myself was outraged. This book went into details on how babies are made, from the mommy has to release a egg and the daddy releases a tiny tadpole shape that goes inside mommy and when the sperm and egg meet , the tadpole looking object may fertilize the egg and it turns into a baby. And, how the sperm gets in the mommy , the mommy and daddy have sex. I know every parent has their own way of raising their children but to me, that is too much for a child to know at that young of age.

I have weekly and sometimes biweekly meetings and the ages range from pregnancy to teens.  I grew up loving to learn. They called me a bookworm in school , I would always spend my free time in the library instead of going to lunch.

This years National Geographic Sample Party had a lot of new faces as, Ii just moved into a new home last year but, I was living at a different address last year. Some of my mommies take a little extra drive to attend my meetings. The mom’s loved these books, they are placing orders for their children for Xmas they loved how the books had so much information in them and it was age appropriate for their children. It didn’t go into too much detail on certain subjects.

I love being a moms meet member, there are many perks to being a ambassador and lets you have a mommy get together for the fun of it, plus if your children attend the kids can have fun and play while the moms talk, and sometimes their partners come and while you have girl time the men have their time either playing poker or watching some kind if sports on TV. So, its a win win for everyone.

Thank you again Moms Meet for a spectacular opportunity to host a amazing education party!!!


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