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O2O Review: Wattpad and After

I was chosen by 020 which stands for one 2 one, to take a look at a site called Wattpad, and the book called After.  I have been a person growing up liked to read fanfiction about my favorite tv show couples. I have read Roswell, Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diares. I never could get enough of them. I never knew about the website! This site allows you to read other people’s stories not necessarily based on tv shows they have all types of stories on this site. It allows people to  put their work out there. For instance the story called After. The author Anna Todd, she loved fanfiction , she liked reading about her favorite characters, musicians , it gave her the courage to write a fanfiction of her own, it was like inspirational to her. She wrote a story called After, I myself have not read it yet, I am looking forward to it. But, knowing this amazing talented young women didn’t let anything stop her and she followed her dreams and is now getting this fanfiction story published into bookstores near you.

You can buy the book at the following links :


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