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I was able to review this amazing, I believe in the christian religion, and everything but what I liked was that it didnt pressure the subjects of living together , friendship and sex. It gives great advice, like not going to bed mad at one another. Talk to each other when times are tough , I got the feeling with this book that your not only married to your husband but your friend.

I also liked that they weren’t afraid in the book to talk about past relationships that put a strain but believing in the lord and loving one another they got past it. Mark and grace has each a chapter towards each of there personal lives I believe. Marks chapter is towards men and Grace’s is for women. Which I like, I read this book before getting married to my soul-mate. We both been married once before, and we were engaged living together for 3 1/2 years before saying I do. This book help me overcome obsticles I had in past relationships and my past marriage. We both have a child from the previous marriage and we just welcomed after 7 years together going on 2 years of marriage a precious little girl, she was born 1 week before our 1 year anniversary. To this day we still go through the book and it helps us deepen our relationship and reminds us what love is all about.

I received this book free in exchanged for this honest unbiased review.







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