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Redo your room 50 DIY’S


I got this book to review, this is just not for teens ,this is perfect for just about anyone. I love it, it keeps me busy for hours and the Diy’s crafts are amazing, I made my own picture, important note maker. There is something for everything. I can’t wait to try the other DIY’s in the book. MY children love helping with the crafts especially my artistic 7 year old she has a lot of art in her, she loves to save just about everything to make things out of them. When she got this to look at she couldn’t put it down she wants to try everything. I have to say I have a whole summer full of arts to do with her. I think there will never be a dull moment to try anything and if it don’t work and we will continue to try again. I tell her practice makes perfect. Anything you can think about you can find in this book. Don’t think you cant do it, if you put your mind to it you can do anything.

I received this book free in exchanged for this review that is honest and unbiased.


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