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This 24 page informational book that contains a lot of pictures, I have child who has a phobia of snakes that I read this to, and after learning about them she is not so much afraid.  What was interesting to me was the word snake comes from the old english term Snaca which means to crawl. Of, course everyone knows that snakes are in the carnivore family. The eat anything that crawls and movement. There is one thing I do not agree on as it states the Anaconda can be 25 ft, but there has been records of them being larger. What I do like about this book it tells you how you can tell if a snake is poisonous. There is a record of around more than 3000 different snake species. Snake skin are very different than other reptiles, their skin has scales. If you own a snake as I been a previous owner of a ball python, you rub them from front to back due to the scales. Just like humans we peel , snakes shed their skin multiple times a year, which when they she is how they grow, they out grow their old skin the longer they get. Snakes jaws are different then other predators, they can dislocate their jaw to indulge their food bigger then their head. Once they eat they can survive says to months without eating again for instance the King Cobra. Snakes are the only reptile I know of that has ears but their ear are internal, also their sense of  taste they use their tongue. The reason their tongue is split into 2 is it tells them which side the scent is coming from, its their route of direction to get to their prey. Snakes are cold blooded which is why they like the warm weather, there are 2 places where you will not find snakes and they are in the arctic and Antarctica since its too cold for them , they will not survive.  Also, snakes do not have eyelids so they sleep with their eyes open , so its hard to tell if a snake is awake or asleep. If you want to know more about snakes then I suggest you get the book it has amazing fun filled facts.

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