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You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life


Lea Michele is one of my favorite Actress, I loved her performances in Glee as Rachel Berry, She is a top new York best seller author. I loved her first book brunette Ambitions. I read that book religiously. Her books give me faith and hope. With this new book of her called you first she goes more in-depth about health, fitness , relationships. I love that the book is full of empty pages so you can jot down how you feel, make goals for yourself. Upon reading the book , its not your typical book that you would read front to back. This book gives you the strength. This gives you hope and strength to become a better writer and to keep a journal to cope with fears, loss and anything you put your mind to, I love this book and I feel its for a women or teen of any age to let got in writing how you feel.

I received this book for in exchange of a honest review.


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