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Artic Poles Baby Girl thermals




These have to be the warmest thermals my little one has owned. My older 2 when they were her age they didn’t make thermals like this. Now days the thermals are comfy and they stay warmer. I got 2 sizes in 24m and 2 sizes in 3t , because when it comes to kids it seems like in a blink of a eye they are out growing everything. It seems like that to me as my baby is 18 months and she is already in sizes 3t to 4t it depends on the brand and if they shrink. I always buy my kids at least 2 sizes bigger if I think they will shrink,

I am the type of mommy who always checks on the kids in the middle of the night. We don’t have central heat or air. It’s either the window unit if its hot or a in wall heater if its cold. The way the heaters and ac units are I check to make sure they are not to hot or cold if they are cold I get a extra blanket or if its hot I get a fan for them. Now the baby , I check on more cause she can’t tell me quite yet if she is hot or cold. So, I check her skin to see if she is cold or hot. I have notice with the thermals she has been sleeping a little longer in the night. She does get up for a little milk still and since she has started potty training when she wakes up she will go but then gets her milk and climbs in bed with me and within minutes lately, not sure if its the thermals she is out and doesn’t finish her milk and this is the 3rd night wearing her 3rd pair of thermals, like I said I got a total of 4 pairs.

Disclaimer: I received at a discount rate in exchange for a review


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