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Artic Poles Mens Thermal Long Johns



My husband loves thermals in the winter time he will wear them under his clothes during the day. Especially now since he has had both hip and knee replacement and being only 30, he gets really bad aches throughout his body. When we received these he was so excited as his other thermals are so old, as he is the type he will buy clothes for himself under 2 conditions 1. If his weight changes and 2. Is if they are worn out. Since recieving these he says he feels a lot better at night and don’t wake up as much, and I can tell cause when he is up and down and night in pain , it wakes me up. But he says they keep him warm and here in florida at night its been in the lower 50’s and in the day time it is in the high 60’s low 70’s. So, he likes that he is comfortable, and he is warm. He likes the texture and that they stretch, as he hates clothing that clings to him he feels like he is being suffocated. He got a Large, with him I tumble dry or air dry his shirts as even though some don’t shrink, its just how he is, so we haven’t put them in the dryer.
But, he loves these thermals he says he wouldn’t mind getting a few more pairs. He did end up getting these in charcol as, his little baby girl got the same color , they like to be twins one night when both pairs are washed.

Disclaimer: I received these at a discount rate for a exchage for a honest, unbiased review.


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