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August Peridot Birthstone Color Pendant Necklace with Brilliant Cut Swarovski Crystal Set in Platinum.

This beautiful William Wang necklace is a must for that special someone in your life. I got the Peridot stone I was born in August, so I went ahead and got my stone. The stone is a green color, but being it set with a Swarovski Crystal it looks like a light green to hardly just a shiny Crystal.

This beautiful necklace came in a plastic bag but inside a nice white jewelry box perfect for the just have to wrap or as is package. The stone is on a beautiful snake chain which is very durable. On top of that it is set in platinum. Also, it is a 18 1/2 in chain but the extender allows it to go 21in chain. I have mine on a 18 1/2in I like how close it is to me.

On top of the stone itself are 5 beautiful diamond like stones which brings the beauty of the Crystal even more.

This has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that I have next to my personalized white gold open heart that my husband got me. I feel this really is worth the price for a beautiful piece.

I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest non biased review.


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