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Crucifix Cross Classic Christ Jesus Piece Chain LIFETIME WARRANTY 24K Gold Plated Made in USA Religious Jewelry For Women, Men

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I been looking for a women’s cross necklace for a long time, A lot as happened this past few months, my younger brother in law passed away at the age of 29, my husband has been in and out of the hospital the past 2 months. My mother in law hasn’t been doing to well since her baby passed away he was the youngest of 4 boys. A week after he passed and on top of my husband my sisters fiance’s grandfather passed away. So, since the start of the year hasn’t been very good. So, I turned to the Lord Jesus Christ.
I don’t go to church but I do read the bible and We also have a marriage bible to strength my marriage with everything going on we need it has helped with us having a marriage bible study. I been looking for awhile for a nice women’s cross necklace. When I came across and got the invite to review Jesus on the cross that is 24k gold plated, its also made in the U.S.A, and it can be for a man or a women. I my opinion not being biased but when I received it , to me it look more like a women’s design. there is a picture below on what it looks like. Also when receiving I recommend registering it for the lifetime warranty. Reason being is on reason I gave this 5 stars in because, when I was wearing it a week and the necklace broke and I lost the cross and I contacted the seller right away and thankfully, I registered the necklace as they replaced the whole necklace. I had to show that the necklace was indeed broke and I was sadden that I couldn’t find the cross, which it broke while I was with family at the planing my husbands brothers funeral. I never take this necklace off since I received the new one. I believe since wearing this necklace and praying more, This has been my lifeline, The cross itself has some weight to it. The chain is a thin one that is so, fine it could easily break. That is why I suggest registering as accidents happen , and I have a 22 month old who loves to play with necklaces around peoples neck. So I think having a lifetime warranty on this is a major plus with a beautiful Jesus on the cross necklace.

Disclaimer: I received this at a discount rate in exchange for a honest, non biased truthful review.

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